This object is a Xbox one controller that is used to play games on the Xbox one console. This controller can be found in the room next to my console when I am done playing. I got this as a graduation gift and have been playing a lot more then usual during quarantine.

This object is a Chase pen that I use to take notes for all of my classes. It can be found on the top of my desk or either in my backpack. This pen I accidentally took from a banker but now I have been using it.

This object is my movie case where I keep all of my movies. It can be found in the backroom of my house. My mom and I collect a lot of movies over the years and these isn’t even half of what we have.

This object is my tv. It can be found in the front of my house. We got this many years ago and is probably time to start getting a new one.

This object are my house and car keys. I lose them a lot but mainly they can be found on the coffee table or by the tv. I got my license and my car on the same day.

The object is my book. It can be found in my drawer. I got this for one of my classes but It was great book to read so I started reading it again which turned out to be one of my favorite books.

This object is a baseball card game. It can be found next to my drawers. I got it for Christmas because I like baseball and trivia games.

This object is my apple computer. It can be found anywhere around my house but mainly in my room. I use this for everything, my assignments, zoom meetings, and to write my articles.

This object is my survival wristband. It can be found on the lefts side of my wrist. I am very superstitious for some reason and feel like I always have to have this on.

This object is a painting my girlfriend drew for me as a gift for Christmas. It can be found on my dresser. We watched the whole office season before it went off Netflix and in the episode of Pam and Jim wedding Michael painted a picture similar like this for Pam and Jim. It was a nice moment.

This object is my wallet. It can be found on my desk or with me at all times. I need this all the time since it has my driver license and cards.

This object is my hat. It can be found in my room or in the front room. My favorite team is the Dodgers and I have had this hat when I first got it two years ago.

The object are my shoes. It can be found on my feet or anywhere in the house. I once saw a person trying to steal my shoes from the car while I was at work but he got scared and threw them when I started chasing him.

The object are mixed nuts. It can be found over in my kitchen. These are my favorite snacks to eat.

The object is my journal. It can be found on the top of my desk. I got it last year and use it to write stuff for my journalism class and now just stuff in my life.

Student at Cerritos Community College.